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IRIC was created within the framework of the Federal University of Cameroon. The “International Relations Institute of Cameroon” abbreviated as (IRIC) is charged with Training and Research in the domain of International Relations.

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International Relations Institute of Cameroon
Direction of Studies

Through its founding and teaching objectives, the composition of its teaching staff, and by virtue of its openness to foreign students from Africa and other countries etc, IRIC could be said to be international in nature.

The supreme organ of IRIC is the Board of Management, which is presided at by the Minister of External Relations or his representative. Other members who equally take part in deliberations during the period of cooperation stipulated by accords include: the Minister of Higher Education, the Representative of the Secretary-General at the Presidency of the Republic, and the Vice Chancellor of the University.

In addition, the representative of the Graduate Institute of Higher International Studies of Geneva in Switzerland, the representative of the Carnegy Institute for International Peace, the Director of the Institute and the Director of Studies also take part in the meetings of the Board of Management for questions that do not interest them personally.

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