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The Senghor chair

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Lopold Sdar Senghor

History of the Chair

The Chair was created in the year 2004, during a working visit paid by the Jean Moulin Lyon III University to the University of Yaounde II from the 29th November to December 2nd 2004. It is during this visit that talks on the creation of the Senghor Chair were discussed. It was agreed that the titleholder of this Chair would be Professor Jean-TABI MANGA, Rector of the University of Yaounde II. The delegation from the University of Jean Moulin Lyon III was led by Professor Guy LAVOREL, President of the University; Luc SAIDJ, Dean of the faculty of Law; Michel GUILLOU, Director of the Institute for Francophonie and Globalisation Studies (IFRAMOND) and Stephane DOUMBE-BILLE, Director of International Law Center.

The Senghor Chair focuses on relations between the Francophonie and the Commonwealth, and among the Francophonie, the Lusophone and Hispanophone countries in the CEMAC sub-region in this era of Globalisation, as the name of the Chair indicates

The opening of the Senghor Chair came two years after its creation, that is, in the year 2006 in a ceremony presided at by the Minister of Higher Education, Professor Jean FAMME NDONGO; in the presence of the representative of the Minister of Foreign Affairs; Professor Michel GUILLOU, who presides over the network of Francophone Chairs; Jean TABI MANGA, Rector of the University of Yaounde II; and Narcisse MOUELLE KOMBI, Director of IRIC.

Services and Mission:

The Leopold Sedar Senghor Chair for the Francophonie and Globalisation of IRIC is a structure that is charged with research and training with the goal of promoting the Francophonie and intercultural promotion; especially within Francophonie member states, the Commonwealth and the Conference of Islamic States. This Chair equally has the goal of transforming the Francophonie into a veritable research instrument for teachers and other researchers thereby contributing towards the growth of the Cameroonian University system.

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Pr. Jean Tabi Manga holder of the Senghor Chair
Rector of the University of Yaound II

According to Professor Jean-TABI MANGA, “this Chair, the first of its kind in Sub-Saharan Africa has come to increase substantially the opportunities of training offered by IRIC.” Also, it pays homage to the founder of the Franccophonie and of intercultural dialogue at a time that the centenary celebrations of his birth are being organized. Running on a three-space Socio-political orientation, it stands as a symbol of Globalisation, for according to Michel GUILLOU, “ we ought to go for Globalisation, not by way of adopting a single culture but via a synthesis of differences.”

The Leopold Sedar Senghor will enable students to have a better appraisal of the Francophonie and of Globalisation. According to Professor Jacques FAMME NDONGO, this project will also permit a greater expression of Cameroon’s rich cultural diversity and to better communicate with the rest of the world. This new structure of teaching will go along way to favour the induction of Francophonie ideals in the minds of people as a means of enhancing research and support to development.

A donation of books similar to that offered to other Francophonie Chairs was offered to the Chair at IRIC. Its opening was graced by a series of Conferences organized by IRIC. For more information contact the title holder of the Chair.

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