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The International Relationship Institute ’s Restaurant.

IRIC has a restaurant, which is at the service of its students. Like other services, the IRIC restaurant is intended to serve the IRIC community (students, faculty, and non academic staff). It is financed and run by the administration of IRIC, with a staff of 10 men and women headed by a professional cook maître EPOUNE Pascal.

Suffice it to say that, the goal of the restaurant is not profit making hence the meals prepared and served are highly subsidised. The price of a plate of food ranges from 400 francs CFA to 1000 francs CFA, depending on the number of courses of the meal. It has a capacity of 150 places and an average of 100 plates are served per day from 12 noon to 2.30 pm. The restaurant does not function on weekends and public holidays.

The IRIC restaurant also prepares coffee break and cocktails whenever there are seminars and conferences in IRIC.

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