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The IRIC, The International Relations Institute of Cameroon is an educational training Centre of higher education at the service of African and world diplomacy.

Considering the fact that the primary objective of diplomacy I to enhance a culture of peace in the world, IRIC invests its efforts in the training of people who will strive for peace all over the world.

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The International Relations Institute of Cameroon
The Directorate of Studies

With regards to Globalization, IRIC is well on board. It is for this reason that the strive for excellence is one of the guiding pillars of the institute as defined by the government of Cameroon.

IRIC has also assumed its role as the oldest (dean) of schools of diplomacy in Africa, South of the Sahara. It does this by defending the plight of Africa at the level of the International Community via defending the African point of view through analysis. By so doing, IRIC participates in the effort to better analyze the ever-changing world.

IRIC’s vision for the Third Millennium is that in which the countries of the South and especially African countries should be more visible and more audible in international encounters (the concert of nations). IRIC defends the position that Africa should be granted a position equal to its potentials and merits during international encounters.

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