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The building hosting the IRIC Library was formally inaugurated on the 17th of November 1973.

1. Physical Presentation of the Library

    • A reading room with 36 sitting places
    • A Room for Reference Documents (Dictionaries, encyclopaedias, speeches, course summaries etc)
    • A room for documentation where documents on specific areas such as the International Court of Justice, the UN and OHADA can be found.
    • A room for bookbinding.
    • A room for Monographs

2. Quantity of Documents

a. Monographs

b. Old collections : 15, 000 volumes

c. New collections (2006) 708 volumes.

These are specialized on the social sciences and depend on the various disciplines offered at IRIC:

  • Diplomacy;
  • International Marketing;
  • International arbitration,
  • International Banking, Money and Finances; Thesis; Dissertations; Internship Reports

d. Grey Literature

  • Thesis, dissertations and field work reports.

e. Scientific Reviews (150 titles)

f. Brochures 3000.

3. Functioning of IRIC’s Library.

a. Opening Hours:

  • Monday to Fridays 7:30 a.m to 8pm (20 hours Local Time)
  • Saturdays: 7:30 to 3p.m(15 hours Local Time)

b. Conditions for Using IRIC’s Library

  • Internal Students (students and and diplomats on internship, lecturers, and administrative personnel):Obtain a Membership Card (Readers’ Card) upon presentation of Two Passport size photos on which is stated the name, place and date of birth and the field of specialization of the student.
  • External readers (students/researchers who are not students or staff of IRIC):
  • A hand written application should be addressed to the Director of IRIC or Deputy Director in Charge of Studies; and
  • A registration fee of 10,000 CFA Frs. paid to the Bursar of IRIC.


Access is indirect. Readers are not permitted to go to the bookshelves in search of books. It is the library assistant who goes to the bookshelves and brings the solicited documents.

5. Classification of Documents.

The arrangement of documents on the various bookshelves of the IRIC library is done according to Dewey’s decimal system of classification. Documents are classified according to the various large domains of knowledge. For example:

000 = Generalities;

100 = Philosophy and related disciplines;

200 = Religion;

300 = Social Sciences;

400 = Natural sciences and mathematics;

600 = Technical/Applied Sciences;

700 = Arts;

800 = Literature (Fine Arts);

900 = Geography; history and related disciplines.

6. Lending of Books.

Only Readers who are internal students at IRIC can be offered books to take home. Other Readers can only read on the spot or make photocopies.

6.a. Deadline of Lending:

  • Students have a maximum of one week (6days). They can take home up to three books.
  • For specially requested books, research works, internship reports, dissertations, and theses, students can have them for three days, that is, from Friday to Monday (Weekends.)

6.b. Sanctions:

  • Any delay in returning a book by a student attracts a fine of 100 CFA Frs. after 24 hours per document those persisting in such activities have their library membership withdrawn or suspended.
  • In case a student destroys or misplaces any document, he/she pays twice the cost of the document in question.

NB: Books for references, periodicals, and some newly acquired books are not given out for library users to take home.

7. Library Set-up:

Head of Section: Mme. OMBOUDOU BIDANGANA Antoinette

Head of the Library: Mr. AKOUMOU Remy

Head of Documentation and Archives: Mr. NGANDI BINDZI Maurice.

Head of the Catering and Binding Unit: Mr. ONDIGUI BINDZI Emmanuel.

a. Library Unit:

  • Mme MESSOMO Agnès
  • Mr. ZOA Marc Calvin

b. Documentation and Archives Unit:


c. Catering and Binding Unit :

  • Mr. MBIDA MBIDA Martin

d. Secretariat

  • Mme BALLA born MBOO MIENLAM Marlaine
  • Mme MANY born MOKONG Rose
  • Mme OWONA ALIMA Madeleine

e. Photocopying:

  • Mr ZOA Marc Calvin

f. Equipment

  • A wooden Card Index
  • Two mechanical taping machines
  • One complete microcomputer
  • Metal bookshelves
  • A duplicating machine
  • A typewriter
  • A new Canon Photocopier
  • A spiral binding machine

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