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International Cooperation:

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Flags that are represented in IRIC

IRIC entertains a network of cooperation ties. Cooperation ties exist between IRIC and the following:

- The University Institute of Advance International Studies, in Geneva Switzerland;
- The Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies (IDIS), in Nairobi , Kenya;
- The St. Augustine Institute of International Relations in Trinidad and Tobago;
- The Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies, Malta;
- The Francophonie Inter-Governmental Agency;
- The Universities of XEJIANG and NANCHANG in China;
- The Institute of Diplomacy of the Great Arab Popular Socialist Jamarihiriya of Libya;
- The network of African Institutes of Diplomacy;
- The Diplomatic Institute of Madrid; and
- The Francophonie and Globalisation Institute of Lyon in France.

It follows from the above that IRIC enjoys privileged cooperation ties with a network of international institutions and even organizations. This international cooperation is manifested, amongst others, by the following:

- Admission of foreign students into IRIC every year;
- The co-hosting of international seminars with institutions such as the Francophonie Inter-Governmental Agency (ACCT), the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAIR), etc;
- The holding of monthly conferences known as “The Diplomatic Forum”, during which we have interventions from various resource personalities from the diplomatic world and from the international affairs community.
- IRIC equally has an observer status with the African Union.

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