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After years of non-publication of scientific publications, IRIC has finally started publishing scientific reviews. In an effort to meet the challenges of academic excellence and the revitalization of its partnerships all over the world, the new management of IRIC decided to re-launch the project of publishing scientific reviews. In the past, the review was called “The Cameroon Review of International Relations”, today, it is called “The Cameroon Review of International Studies”. This change of name is not mere fantasy. It is rather a sign of the changing academic status of IRIC with its diversity of fields of study as well as a diversification in the area of intervention by its graduates: political science, sociology, history of international relations, economy, law, strategy, integration, languages, cultural and sports activities etc. This means that IRIC has moved from an intellectual environment that was dominated by a monolithic view of the world to one that is pluralistic in nature. This pluralistic view of the international political arena is heralded by the term “International Studies.” If this first edition arouses a debate on the differences between “International Relations” and International Studies” then, it already gives a sign of relief to the idea of re-launching the review.

The renaissance of this review is something by design, it has abandoned its hitherto austere image in favour of a more acceptable and professional layout, this is a way of creating support for its production.

The rebirth is also epistemological in that apart from the high quality of scientific contributions, the orientations of such works should have an international bearing generally and particularly African. In other words, such works should reflect the founding mission of IRIC, that is, training African diplomats, training a highly qualified African official in international matters. Hence, no matter the academic background of the author, contributions ought to be a reflection of the above guidelines.

The review of IRIC is not a property of political scientists, economists, legal experts, specialists of geopolitics and Geostrategy, etc, it is rather a review of all intellectual leanings provided that the content is substantial and methodological, has an international dimension with an African perspective, an African viewpoint or destiny projected etc. Finally, now that this review has been re-born, let us all give it the necessary support for it ti live on.

Pr. Alain Didier OLINGA

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