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Dr Paul Elvic Jérôme BATCHOM


First names : Paul Elvic Jérôme
Date and place of birth : 23 June 1982 in Yaounde
Nationality : : Cameroonian
Contact: Tel : (237) 22 66 34 60
Cel: +237 99 51 87 17
E-mail: polelvic82@yahoo.fr


Summary of the Ph.D Dissertation:
Beside the state re-opening out its actorness in the international arena, nonstate actors such as NGOs and extractive industries firms are making themselves pertinent and developing with states, complex transactions that show the current relativity of sovereignty. The plural affirmation of actors, the complex transactions among them and a certain accentuation of moral consciousness about some matters are such the phenomena that, developing themselves inside governance spaces like EITI, render interesting the idea of sovereignty’s transformation. Sovereignty has changed into responsibility because society has burst into the international arena through the pertinence of social actors and social problematic and thus, the fate of the “other” close or far has come to the attention. Meanwhile state and nonstate actors are dramatizing a moral conduct as a pertinent variable of international politics through the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, this study shows that at the intersection of state and private orders, moral behaviours are informing the formation of actors’ interests and identities. Key Words: Sovereignty- Ethics- State- NGO- Extractive Industries- Transparency- Interest- Multinational Firms.

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