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Chinese Bridge—Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students

  • Purpose

To further promote Chinese culture, stimulate foreign college students’ enthusiasm for learning Chinese and enhance their understanding of Chinese language and culture

  • Organizer

The Office of Chinese Language Council International (Hanban)

  • Participants and scale

Foreign college students or postgraduates who are under 30 years old with foreign nationalities or overseas-born Chinese whose first language is not Chinese

  • Theme of the competition in 2007

China Welcomes the Olympics

  • Contents and procedures of the competition

      1. Contents To display

      1. Chinese language proficiency
      2. Knowledge of China’s conditions
      3. Chinese cultural skills (such as Chinese songs, music, dance, folk arts, acrobatics, calligraphy, Chinese paintings, Chinese paper-cutting, Chinese martial arts etc.)

      2. Procedures The competition is composed of three rounds:

        • The first round will be organized by the education or cultural office of Chinese embassies, the Confucius Institutes in foreign countries or other related educational institutions in foreign countries. The number of participants and procedures of competition is decided by the organizers. After the first round competition, each competition area recommends one or two best participants and reports them to the committee for them to choose 100 participants who will take part in the second round of competition in China. The airfare, accommodation and transportation expense of those participants who are invited to come to China for the second round of competition will be provided for by Hanban
        • The second round will proceed through division into groups and 20 winners will be selected to enter the finals.
        • There is a single round competition in the finals and there are 3 first prizes, 7 second prizes and 10 third prizes.
        • The second round and the finals will take place in China.
    • Prizes, criteria for prizes and awarding method
      1.Prizes and awarding method
        • There are 3 first prizes. First prize will get a full scholarship to study in China (The scholarship will be valid for a 3-year period from 2008 to 2011). The winner will be awarded the title “Chinese Language Envoy”.
        • There are 7 second prizes. The Second prize winners will get a scholarship for an 8-week summer program in China in 2008. Their return air tickets are included free of charge.
        • There are 10 third prizes. Third prize winners will get a scholarship for a 4-week summer program in China in 2008 with free return air tickets.
        • Single prizes related to Chinese language competition like Best Speech, Best Stage Manner, Most Welcomed etc. will also be set up. Winners will get a scholarship for a 4-week summer program in China in 2008.

      2. Criteria for the prizes:

      Single-prize winners will be chosen among the competitors attending the second round and the first, second and third prizes will be chosen from the participants attending the finals.

      3. Judges for the competition

      The organizers will invite experts in language, culture and arts to be judges in the second round and finals to judge on the spot.

    • Preliminary competitions in Cameroon Since 2004, the Chinese Language Training Centre of IRIC has consecutively organized four preliminary competitions in Cameroon and selected Cameroonian contestants to take part in the second round of the Competition held in China. This year, the champion at the preliminary competition is Romeo. The Cameroonian contestants have deep impression of the Chinese culture and believe that Chinese people are working hard to rejuvenate their motherland at a steady pace.

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