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Administrative Structure

The Board of Management of IRIC is structured as follows: According to some provisions of the Decree No. 71/DF/195/BIS of April 24th 1971 relating to the creation of IRIC, its Chapter two amongst others affirms that The Board of Management is the main organ of the Institute. It is presided at by the Minister of External Relations.

The Organs:

1. The Board of Management:

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His Excellency Lejeune MBELLA MBELLA, Minister of External RelationsChairman of the Board of Management of IRIC.
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Le Professeur Jacques FAME NDONGO
Professor Jacques FAME NDONGO, Chancellor of Academic Orders, Minister of Higher Education.
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Le Professeur Ibrahima ADAMOU
Professor Ibrahima ADAMOU, Rector of the University of Yaounde II- SOA , IRIC is one of its Five University Establishments.

2. IRIC Management:

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M. Pierre Emmanuel TABI Ministre Plénipotentiaire
Sir. Pierre Emmanuel Tabi Minister Plenipotentiary ,Director of The International Relations Institute of Cameroon.
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Dr Stéphane NGWANZA
Dr Stéphane NGWANZA, Deputy Director in charge of Studies
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Le Professeur Charles FON ABI
Professor Charles FON ABI, Secretary-General
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M. Bernard ESSOMBA
Sir. Bernard ESSOMBA, The Bursar.
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Organisation Interne
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