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The Multimedia Center

The multimedia Center of IRIC was created in 2001 with the triple objective of proving the Institute with services in the area of the new information technologies on the one hand, assisting decision makers in putting in place policies and strategies for the development and rational use of numerical resources on campus on the other hand and finally, incorporating the use of ICT’s in the training of students. The Centre which is managed by a head of Centre assisted by unit heads is composed of two units namely:

  • The Reception and Training Unit
  • The Internet and maintenance Unit.

The Multimedia Centre of IRIC (CMM) is involved in the training of students and in the research of new techniques of enhancing pedagogic efficiency via the use of the modern communication and information technologies. It has amongst other missions:

  • Awaken in the students the desire of using these new information technologies so that the students should discover such working tools.
  • Propose strategies of computerising and procedures of computing.
  • Put at the disposal of IRIC’s community training on basic computer programmes.
  • Assist users to be able to make use of the numerical facilities on campus
  • Advice the Administration on the necessary computer related equipment that the Centre/Institute requires.
  • Design IRIC’s training programmes in ICT.

In order to carry out these obligations the Centre has at its disposal the following facilities:

  • A room equipped with 16 computers arranged in the form of a conference table;
  • 3 computers set aside for documentation and secretariat duties and
  • A high speed Internet connection.

Peron in charge: Alain Bandelen

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